Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stop Motion Preserved Lemons

I never had a "I want to be a .... when I grow up" moment when I was younger. Unless you count 6 year old Hannah who wanted to be a milkman in the school nativity.


I went through phases, I suppose. 

Something medical? Until I realised that, although now being qualified as a first aider for work, I don't cope well with blood.

I went through one where I thought being a film maker would be awesome. Travel the world. Film things. Edit it. Win amazing film awards and be all indie and edgy. Instead, I did a Media A-Level and didn't really get much from it apart from a new found appreciation for stop motion animation and brilliant book recommendations from one of my tutors. (The Secret History is still probably my most thumbed book.)

So, I present, Corner Cottage Bakery's first ever video. In stop motion format.

Recipe from here.


  1. Have you ever seen "OOglies" on CBBC? If you haven't you should look at it - this really reminds me of it.

    1. I just found an episode on the CBBC webiste. I HAVE to buy some googly eyes at the weekend now.

  2. you are too clever for words! you have found your purpose in life: making us laugh over dancing lemons!

  3. I love that video. I admire your patience and attention to detail. I would have loved to have been indie and edgy but I failed the edginess exam.