Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Eight Foot Giant Squid Pillow

"I'm going to make my sister an eight foot giant squid pillow for her birthday. I found this really cool pattern on the Internet.", I announced to Jim.

A normal husband might raise eyebrow. Mine didn't bat an eyelid.

It was on.

First things first.

Emily Guendelsberger is genius. She posted the pattern and tutorial and as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly who I would make one for. You can see Emily's post here.

I found it exceptionally hard to find somewhere that sold yards of felt. Ikea Polarvide blankets are about £3 each. I used two purple and one turquoise, with plenty left over. I measured out the pattern first, converting it to centimetres as I grew up on a diet of metric.

You don't need the scalloped edge. Cut it off. Cat supervision is optional.

First the fins. I used soft toy stuffing for the fin and arms.

Sewing the body together with the fins.

Diet Coke cans for scale. And because I have a problem.

The arms. I sewed these then turned the inside out. I weighed the stuffing for each arm so they were even.

Sewing the legs onto the body...

... So it looks like this when turned the right way in.

Starting to take shape! (That is a double bed...)

Creeping on the little cat.

Giant Squid have three hearts. This squid has three hearts too.

Finished stuffing and sewing in the bottom panel. I used the rest of the toy stuffing I had and some polystyrene bean bag ball filling. Which is a mess to use.

Added the eyes on as the last finishing touch.

We weaned him on Diet Coke.

And taught him how to drive.

It's really hard to wrap an eight foot giant squid. But it was worth all the hassle. My sister loves her squid.


  1. Lucky sister! I'm in awe - what a fab squid - I have difficulty even sewing on a button! Of course, as we can see in the photos, you did have a lot of feline assistance...

  2. this is exactly the kind of thing i need to make me smile on a wet thursday morning when my brain is not functioning! just brilliant :-)

  3. This squid cushion is EPIC. One post in and I'm loving your blog already (although I'm slightly disappointed in only having spotted one beautiful pussy so far haha). It was lovely to meet you this evening :)

    Katie x

  4. You have a great husband, typically when the words eight foot giant squid is added to a conversation there is more trepidation. However, it now appears that the giant squid has made a very comfortable home for himself and requires photo identification. I am sure that your sister will love it.


  5. Do you by chance still have the templates/pattern for this? I'm afraid the links are broken. Also, if you do, do you by chance remember how much you enlarged it? Thanks so much, even if you can't help.

    1. Hi, sorry the link was smooshed! Here is a link to the pattern that I used - http://emilyg.tumblr.com/post/33663945009 I didn't enlarge it any more than the pattern said to, I just converted it into metric to make it easier! Good luck with taking on this project if you do!

  6. I love this! Went looking for the link and it was gone, but Googled and found this one before seeing the above new link. This one has a bit more explanation for anyone who needs it :-)