Thursday, 11 July 2013

Dotcomgiftshop's Christmas in July

Thank you to Dotcomgiftshop for inviting me to their Christmas in July. It was great to see their Christmas range as well as some of their most popular gift items and homeware.

As always, all views expressed are my own and Dotcomgiftshop didn't pay me or ply me with sweets to write this.


  1. It looks like there were lots of lovely things, I had a school play to watch so missed it.
    Have a lovely summer.

    1. There was lots of cute Christmassy things, feels a big wrong to be excited already!

  2. how very, very pretty. i adore the qooden pegs wrapped in spotted fabric. all so lovely!

  3. The pegs were adorable. They have lots of old wooden toys and gifts that just capapult people back to their childhoods :)