Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Jubilee Strawberries & Strawberry Lassi

It's hard to turn down an invitation of spending a day on a strawberry farm. Especially a Kentish one, but I'm geographically biased on that front.

After meeting the lovely Sam and Jodie from Cirkle PR and the other bloggers, the owner of Kelsey Farms, Paul Kelsey, told us more about the Driscoll Jubilee strawberry. You can see from the photos but they really are like a stock photo perfect strawberry. Heart shaped and so sweet. You definitely won't have to have a sprinkling of sugar on them. I was also impressed that even the bigger strawberries retained the same level of quality as some different varieties can taste watery.

Paul gave us a tour of the farms including the poly tunnels where we got to fill a couple of punnets and the packing plant. I was amazed at how quickly and smoothly everything ran, from the speed of the berry pickers to the preciseness of the staff in the packing areas.

You can stuff your goji berries too. Strawberries are the original superfood. Crammed with antioxidants, more vitamin c rich than oranges, they can help reduce cholesterol and could help fight cancer. They're fat free and help stimulate collagen.

We then had a beautiful lunch at the Duke William pub in Ickham.

When I got home, I was full of strawberries and lunch. I made this quick batch of lassi and laid in the garden. Lassi is a cooling Indian drink, perfect against the cloying milk shakes of summer. Great if you feel like you may have overindulged. The sweetness of the Jubilee strawberries mellow out the cheek puckering sourness of the buttermilk.

Serves 2

1 cup of ice
1 cup of buttermilk
2 cups strawberries

1, Blend the ice, buttermilk and strawberries together until smooth.
2, I didn't have to add sugar to mine as my strawberries were super sweet, but you may have to add a little touch if your buttermilk is particularly punchy.

All views, text, images and the recipe in this post are my own. Thank you again to Sam from Cirkle PR for inviting me and to Paul for his hospitality. I received no payment for producing this post.


  1. That looks lush, what a great idea. Photogs are particularly nice. Lovely to meet you x Steph

    1. Thank you Steph :) it was such a nice day out!

  2. Look at that lunch! Is the bottom middle shot goats cheese wheels with strawberries? I'm intrigued (and salivating). xx

    1. There was so much lunch! They were rounds of Camembert, so good with strawberries!