Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Good Housekeeping's Cookery Compendium Challenge

Ah, the shelf of cookbooks. The cookbooks on the bedside table. The one stuffed down the side of the sofa. The food memoirs sloshing around in your handbag. I have a rule though. Every single cookbook must be used at least once. But one has been sitting on my cookbook shelf. One which has never been used. Sure, I've leafed through the pages (and had to Google just exactly what Aspic Jelly is.)

The Good Housekeeping's Cooking Compendium. Which I scored at the local Oxfam bookshop for £2. This is a comprehensive how to cook book; from boiling an egg, making coffee in an earthenware jug and kitchen equipment to jellied salads and how long to cook your Christmas turkey. Eat your heart out, Delia. This is a 1956 edition.

Jim said it would be funny if we tried to do five meals from it, we'd been looking for a little inspiration for our weekday meals anyway. It turned into a bit of a game.

The Challenge:-
Stay as true as possible to the original recipes for five consecutive meals.

After the meals are cooked and eaten, the following questions will be rolled out:

Make again?
Learn anything new?
Score (out of 10)

I'm going to walk you through what we ate last week. It was educational...

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