Friday, 27 September 2013

Day Five: Steamed Meat Roll

At this point, I was glad it was Day Five and thus the end. I managed to score myself a pretty brutal case of indigestion after the curried vegetable flan and spent a morning sucking Rennies. I'm pretty sure I can even still feel a Kromesky in my stomach. I think it is kicking...

I thought I'd go for something I wouldn't normally cook for the last day of the challenge. My part of the UK had been suffering from perma-drizzle as we made our way through the challenge, so I was looking forward to something comforting and suitably stodgy.

So, we have here beef minced with onions and carrots, seasoned and then wrapped up in a thick coat of suet pastry. Steam for three hours and job done.

Reliably stodgy. Like a giant meat filled dumpling. Amazing. Gravy. Amazing.

Not particularly. The suet pastry is super easy to bring together.

Make again?
Yes. Yes. Yes. But I don't think I would cook it for three hours - my suet pastry was starting to get a bit soggy. I'm also a huge fan of steaming things in my slow cooker so will have a look at tweaking that.

Learn anything new?
Steamed savoury puddings are the new black.

I don't have a meat mincer so used ready minced beef mince, grated in the carrot and onion and then smooshed it all together with my hands. The suet was also another issue. Obviously, I reached for the trusty box of suet rather than a block of suet, as per the book. I was worried how this would affect the outcome. Other than that, followed completely.

Score (out of 10)?
A sturdy 9. It was just what I think we needed after the week.

Little round up of the week to follow.

You can read about our foray into the Good Housekeeping's Cooking Compendium and the challenge we set ourselves here.

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