Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day Four: Curried Vegetable Flan

After Day Three's Kromeskies adventure, it was time for something a bit less greasy. Something with vegetables for the penultimate meal.

That being said, this was a disaster.

In the UK, a flan either a sponge or pastry base filled with either something sweet or savoury. This is not a flan. It's mashed potato (with egg yolks...) piped around the edge of a plate and then filled with vegetables that have had Jesus boiled out of them in stock with curry powder.

Jim has a nasty cold at this point of the week (Kromesky induced sickness?). He ate a plate of it and said it was ok. Suppose, I'd only advise this one if you also don't have a sense of taste. A 50s attempt at vegetarianism.

Bland. So bland. Pretty much just potatoes and boiled vegetables.

Pretty easy, you do need to pipe potato though.

Make again?
No. It was not a flan. It was lie.

Learn anything new?
How not to make a flan.

I didn't make any alterations apart from not having a heatproof plate large enough to make it on. Went for a baking sheet and some greaseproof. Even stuck to the true quantities of prepping 2.5lb of vegetables for the filling.

Score (out of 10)?
Low. Can I give a zero? 1. Never again.

You can read all about The Good Housekeeping's Cooking Compendium Challenge and the past few days of meals here.


  1. I've loved reading these posts. You made me (almost) rush out and make a nostalgic mince curry. My mum used to make something very similar and it was my introduction to 'exotic foods' as a kid. No detriment to your cooking skills though but, my goodness, this flan looks awful. I hope Day 5's selection is kinder to you.

    1. Thank you for the comment :) The curried mince was one of the better meals of the challenge! The flan was terrible. So, so terrible!