Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day Two: Cauliflower Soup

Last winter, I ate so much soup that I was convinced that I would be like that weird girl at school that always smelt of soup. But I have been happy about welcoming it back as the temperature has dropped, there is something so classically comforting about it. If you're like me, on weeknights, you don't want to spend hours dicing and slicing and blending and blitzing. This might be the soup for you.

So we blanch the cauliflower, fry off onion and bacon rinds, then simmer the whole lot in stock for 45 minutes. You read that right. 45 minutes. I had reservations. It's then pushed through a sieve as much as possible and thickened with milk and flour, and seasoned. Eat.

Exactly how you would expect cauliflower to taste after being boiled for 45 minutes. My kitchen smelt more like cauliflower than the soup did. That being said, it was surprisingly good. It was obvious what the soup was made of but it wasn't a strong flavour at all. It was super smooth and creamy. I am a fan of double cream in homemade soups so did have qualms about it being a bit watery.

Really easy. If you can boil a pan of water and chop stuff, you're pretty much in. Quantities were an issue again. I got two bowls out of the recipe. Not sure if its because my cauliflower was not a medium sized one in relation to a medium sized cauliflower of the 50s.

Make again?
Actually, yes. It would make a nice starter for a rich meal as it wasn't at all cloying. It had a little pinch of nutmeg in it which was so good. Think Christmas.

Learn anything new?
Not really.

Followed it exactly.

Score (out of 10)
6 - Tasty but it made the kitchen smell funky.

Details of the Good Housekeeping's Cooking Compendium Challenge and Day One can be found here.

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