Wednesday, 2 March 2011

When in Rome...

We were looking at the calendar and when we would be back from Kemi and spotted that we had a nice long weekend.  Relaxing would have been a good idea.  The other good idea was Rome.  Jim is quite impulsive.  I’m normally the voice of reason. 

So after touching down in Heathrow from Helsinki, we waved goodbye.  Fully in the knowledge we would be back there in 13 hours.  So after a panicked get home, wash some clothes, shower, checking the cat feeding schedule was still ok with a friend (we totally love you for looking after them Mr M…) a brief sleep, we were back on the road.  We had to transfer at Milan to actually get to Rome. 

We stayed at a villa near Ciampino which is a short train hope away from Roma Termini, the main train station in Rome.  The villa was a short drive to either Sessone or Ciampino stations and the villa actually provided a little free shuttle service which was brilliant!

We did all the touristy parts of Rome.  Colosseum, The Forum, St Paul’s Basilica and the Vatican City (which is amazingly stunning even if you’re not that religious), the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, etc.

Look it’s Jim and I with a gladiator!  Well, he wasn’t a real gladiator, we figured this out when he pulled out a mobile phone…

I think it’s impossible to go to Rome and eat badly.  From pizzas, gnocchi, pastas, gelato and most importantly chocolates, its near on impossible to eat badly.  We ate lunch at a gorgeous little restaurant that only had on the menu what they decided to cook that day.  I will find the link and edit this post later.  The restaurant at the villa was amazing too.  Proper home cooked Italian food.  I almost dribbled when recounting it to a friend.  That delicious. 

So all in all I have one important thing to say about Rome.  Go there (and eat a lot.  I promise you’ll love it)


  1. Nice photos and it a lot.

  2. Thank you very much Deepa, it was so beautiful!

  3. I just love Rome - and I loved this post.