Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A White Wedding

This is my beautiful big sister and my new brother in law!  This is where they got married, it was amazing!  We flew to Helsinki, had a three hour wait and then took a plane to Kemi.  The scenery from the plane alone was breathtaking!

We ate reindeer, walked on the sea (it was frozen!) and stared in awe at the snowflakes.  They fell individually from cloudless skies and were so perfect they looked like they were machine cut glass.  None of the photos I took do them any justice. 

The frozen sea!

The snow castle is rebuilt every year (as it melts) and they theme it every year too.  This year it was comic themed!  Whilst it was a frosty -26 degrees C outside, the inside of the snow castle was a balmy -5 degrees C!  It’s made up of the snow restaurant, snow hotel and snow chapel.  There was a separate snow café for defrosting toes and nephews if it all go a bit too much!

This is my tasty reindeer!

The snow restaurant was amazing.  The table were Perspex blocks sunk into ice so the plates didn’t melt the tables! Along with stools made entirely of ice and covered with reindeer pelts.  Frosty bums? Nope!

It was impossible to get really cold in all of these layers!

Beautiful snow/ice crystals!

 They had snow slides too!

Congratulations guys! You’re the best!


  1. I'm just about speechless ... how utterly wonderful ...... actually I'd love to get married again!!!!!

  2. Really beautiful location, I love unusual weddings :)

  3. What an amazing experience - it all looks so wonderful and you don't exactly come across a snow restaurant every day.

  4. OMG I really want a go on a snow slide!