Sunday, 6 March 2011

Baked and Delicious Magazine

Do you buy food magazines?  I have a terrible habit of buying them, flicking to the sweet/baked things (nearer the back) and then tossing the rest of the magazine onto the coffee table.  Where it stays.  Someone might flick through it again.  But it generally lives there for a while.  Until it’s swept into the recycling. 

Then I was emailed about this magazine by Paul at Neoco.  It looks pretty good to be honest!  The website is here, you can find their facebook page here and details of the subscription here


  1. I get my mum a subscription to good food mag for birthdays etc then I borrow all the old copies hehehe

  2. So you weren't tempted to make anything?

  3. Good idea cupcake girl!

    I wasnt forwarded a copy of the magazine, just contacted by Neoco, your review and chocolate goodies look amazing choclette!

  4. Baking and cooking magazines can be quite addictive! And there is never enough time to make something from every one. But this one does look good.