Saturday, 26 March 2011

An Anniversary Lunch

Yesterday, Jim and I celebrated our six year anniversary.  We met in a nasty dive bar and since then have been inseparable.  We now have a beautiful little cottage, two beautiful pussy cats and have a wedding planned.  We’re all grown up! Ok, so that photo doesn't exactly scream grown up but its one of my favourites! 

Jim booked Comptoir Gascon for our anniversary lunch.  It’s near Barbican tube station and was really good.  I could have happily sat in there and eaten one of everything.  Literally, one of everything.  Including the desserts.  I totally wish I had taken a photo of my dessert…

Jim’s Seafood “barleysotto” & chorizo

My gorgeous Cassoulet Toulousain (that confit duck leg was so delicious…)

Jim had a slice of vanilla cheesecake and I had a citrus meringue tart for dessert

The staff were lovely, the food was delicious and would definitely recommend it! (Plus they have a little food hall in the corner of the bistro.  I should have bought extra desserts to bring home.)

We then took a walk along the river.  It was beautiful.  


  1. Congratulations. :-)
    Looks like you have found a great wee place to go. I guess you are spoiled for choice down there, though.

  2. What a great way to enjoy your anniversary. The food looks fabulous. You will have to make it a tradition and enjoy it often.


  3. food look fab! i miss london and walking along the river