Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Four Years

I don't do it for the page views or the free stuff.  I don't worry about meaningless scores or web pages that rank blogs on an computer algorithm rather than quality and beauty.  I'm not rude to people for the sake of being rude to people. I don't stamp my feet when a photo doesn't get accepted to TasteGawker or whatever.  I've never cried myself to sleep over Twitter followers or Facebook likes.

It isn't nonchalance.  Not at all.

For me, it's about ice cream tacos.  

It's looking back at your first post and laughing at the horrid photo and use of too many exclamation marks.  It's about asking twitter what to do with gluts of courgettes* or too many clementines.  It's about drippy icing and seeing whether you can cram one more cake tin into an already full dishwasher.

It's about big life things.

It's cake.  It's the pickles you make for your dad and the honey ice cream that you make for your mum.  It's about self saucing puddings that are truly shocking.  It's about love for your stomach. It's about you. 

Thank You 
for the past four years of witty comments, sage advice and generally being totally sweet

Blog birthday high five! 
(Exclamation marks!!! More exclamation marks!!! More!!!!!!)


  1. Happy Blog birthday!!!! (Lots of exclamation marks for you!!!) Four years is a great achievement. It's great to see you still have loads of enthusiasm for what you make and post. Hope you have many more happy years baking.

    By the way, that ice-cream taco... wow!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Jo! That taco has a special place in my heart...

  2. congratulations on your blog birthday! here's to the next four!!
    Mary !!

    1. Thank you Mary, I hope there are at least four more years!

  3. happy happy blog birthday. have some more exclamation marks:
    and many more years and ice cream tacos to come, hannah xx

  4. Love it! Happy birthday and here's to many more.

  5. HA-ppy Birthday to ya, HA-ppy Birthday to ya, HA-ppy bi-irth-day! I am very grateful to you for your blog. The beautiful photos, the delicious recipes, the excellent leggings... Here's to many more years of courgette glut brownies! xxx