Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Let's Make Christmas Glittery Chilli Vodka

This is another one of the things I will be taking to Vanessa Kimbell's Let's Make Christmas event at Fortnum & Mason on the 18th November.

Oh, Christmas! How you tricked me into eating one more roast potato. And a mince pie. And to finish that pan of mulled wine. And then another mince pie. Nothing will fix the pain I'm in apart from a classic Bloody Mary. The punchier the better. This vodka is perfect for my favourite Bloody Mary recipe. And exceptionally easy to make!

350ml vodka
2 chillis (plus 1 extra whole one for presentation)
1/4 tsp red edible glitter (available from cake supply shops)

1, Chop up your chillis finely and add them to the vodka. Give it a good shake and leave to infuse it's spicy kick for two to three hours. Longer if you dare.
2, Strain out the chilli bits, pop in the glitter and the whole chilli. Reseal and shake.
3, Soothe your hangover with a Bloody Mary.


  1. I am loving your chilli vodka with added glimmer! Hope that we are allowed to sample the drink as well as the food on the day, because I happen to be a chilli addict, see you Friday! X

  2. Hi, I am the lucky recipient of your chili vodka. Bloody Mary is my fav. drink so I feel really lucky. thanks