Sunday, 20 November 2011

Let's Make Christmas: The Big Event

After weeks of watching all the delicious things popping up all over the foodie blogosphere, the event 50 brilliant food bloggers had all been looking for took place on Friday 18th November at Fortnum & Mason.

Created by the gorgeous Vanessa Kimbell, Let's Make Christmas has given us the opportunity to actually meet bloggers face to face and discuss all things food and beyond.

Each of brought gifts to swap. I took along some Triple Ginger Cakes baked in Kilner jars, some Glittery Chilli Vodka and some little Meringue Nibbles. These are the laden gift tables, the baked one proving to be very popular!

After judging the entries, baking king Dan Lepard announced the winners. Congratulations to them all! Can't wait to see the recipes!

It was really lovely chatting to some new and old bloggers alike including Laura from Craftstorming, Julia from Eat Healthy But Tasty, Kate from Turquoise Lemons, Kate from What Kate Baked and Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog.
These are the gifts I received in the swap. Some lovely Blackberry Liqueur from A Trifle Rushed, some Table Truffles from What Kate Baked and some Christmas Feel Good Cookies from Cindy at Food for Thoughts. All of which, I can personally say are delicious. Jim was very impressed too!

Overall, it was a great day spent in great surroundings with even greater people. I honestly hope we can all meet up again very soon!


  1. Wow - the gifts on those tables look so cute.
    Are you in that photo with Dan Lepard?

  2. Delighted you had such a wonderful time - so wish I could have been there.

    Love the prezzies!!

  3. Mmm you brought some yummy things home. Not sure we managed to talk but I did transport your vodka home to pass on to Solange in 2 weeks' time! xx

  4. I did love the look of the gifts you brought along, epecially the glittery vodka!
    Love your photos too and really enjoyed meeting you Hannah! x

  5. Nice write up and pictures Hannah. Wasn't it a fun event indeed. It was lovely to meet you and thanks for the mention. So many gorgeous things there too.

  6. It was really, really lovely to meet you Hannah! I've very much enjoyed reading your write- up, it's bringing back lots of great memories of a lovely, lovely afternoon! And ever so kind of you to say such nice things about the truffles! It would be so great to make it an annual event...or even bi-annual!!

  7. It was really lovely to meet you. Your gifts all looked amazing - I would love to try the ginger cake and the glitter vodka was inspired. I hope there's another event to meet up at soon.