Monday, 4 July 2011

A Gift for a Gardener

As mentioned in previous posts my parents have a large garden divided into lawn, patio, fruit trees and bushes and vegetable patches.  My dad is an avid gardener.  You’ll see him hunched over seed catalogues in the winter months, sowing and nurturing seedlings in spring, pottering around in the sheds and greenhouse in summer and sharing out all the fruits of his hard work.  You’ll also see him carefully checking on the sweet peas he grows for my mum behind the greenhouses. 

This year is a special birthday for my dad.  He has reached the big 6-5. And thus retirement!  You should have seen the glee on his face when he was telling us about the first proper day off he would have had in decades!  So I made him something special for him and the garden.

It’s simple, all you’ll need is a box, some black waterproof paint and a steady hand! (and bits to put inside!)

The box

The text, which I outlined on the reverse and then scrubbed over the top when it was positioned on the box.

Painting.  Yeah.  I have an Art GCSE.  Finally, comes in handy…


 Cheap herb pots…

 …Jazzed up with a bit of cellophane and some raffia! (Remember to include the growing instructions!)

A gardening journal from Paperchase and a little seed marker, just from Wilkinsons. It cost me a whole British pound!

Plus I couldn’t resist this!


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  1. really lovely gift. I love the personalised lettering on the top.