Thursday, 26 June 2014

DIY Sausages

Jim and I made sausages. 

Chilli and coriander ones. 

With added man hands. 

And apple, celery and caraway ones.

We stuck the sausage stuffer onto Rosie the KitchenAid after using the meat grinder attachment on the pork.

Killer arm workout lifting these bad boys. 

Not bad for a first attempt though!

We used about an 80:20 meat to fat ratio. Added in the flavourings and fried off little portions to check for seasoning.  Best tip is to keep everything super cold and wipe down your surfaces, because it is genuinely surprising where bits of sausage meat can get.  I see a lot more homemade sausages in the future. 


  1. These look very impressive. I tried making sausages about 30 years ago and vowed never to try again. Now I feel I've wasted my life.

    1. Thanks Phil, they were good but the recipe still needs a little more work!