Saturday, 14 December 2013

Dear Santa...

There are probably going to be a 101 of these posts popping up across food blogs and guaranteed you will get sick of the sight of cutesy measuring cups. I went for an alternative, not necessarily "foodie" list this year.  Sorry* (*not sorry). Here are ten things that I wouldn't mind seeing under my Christmas tree. 

1. Leggings from Galaxy Leggings 
Who does not want Hobbit leggings? Tell me who does not want Gandalf chilling out on your thigh? TELL ME.  These are so perfectly majestic for Christmas, I almost can't speak. 

2. Bobble Travel Mug
The handle on my Thermos travel mug is on the wrong side. It's not really on the wrong side, but it never has looked right to me.  Also the handle sticks out way too much so you can't stash it into your handbag and it is not spill proof so if you do have to do a little walk-jog to get to the station on time, you are going to splash tea down yourself.  It's also a proven fact that if you are awake at the crack of sparrow's fart, you need portable tea and this travel mug makes you look like you're cooler than you can normally muster at such a disgusting hour. No makeup. No shame. 

3. I Like Big Balls Tote
Heh. Balls. But to be honest, any type of canvas tote would be nice. Extra points if it is Game of Thrones themed. 

4. Box Picture Frame
I have an aversion to scrap booking.  I tried once to put things in a scrapbook and ended up with a beautiful untouched scrapbook and a pile of tickets and things I had accumulated from our holidays.  I ended up dumping them into a shadow box frame and hanging it up.  It looks awesome. But it's full and now I need more box frames.  This one from Ikea looks good.  

5. Zombie Garden Gnome
Zombie. Gnome. Zombie Gnome. Amazing. 

Aww. You thought I was going to do a whole list without a unicorn shaped item on here? WRONG. Unicorns for life. 

Champagne is great. Prosecco is totally lovely. But you know what isnt? That face I pull when trying to drink the last bit out of a champagne flute. I kind of scrunch my neck up because I'm worried someone is going to accidentally bump into me and I'll lose my teeth, it's not sexy.  It is an irrational fear though.  So, really, I am only down with champagne flutes if they are going to be topped up continually so you don't get into that "drinking the last bit dilemma" and I am firmly of the "no champagne left behind" camp so this isn't going to work for me.  Is £30 for two champagne saucers excessive? Yes. Will I use them though? Yes. They are beautiful.

What's better than a cup and saucer? You're right, one that say's Skank on. Fusing vintage and some of my favourite swear words. Probably not a good idea if you have a "delicate" family member over.

What? I think we could be best friends. 

The spare room has morphed into some sort of techy man-cave. Whilst I'm not averse to this, per se, I think it needs a feminine touch.  


  1. Those cups are inspired! I know what I'll be doing with my porcelain pens today xxx

    1. The cups were one of my favourites! The Etsy shop they are in is one of my favourites!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Charlene, I love these style of glasses.

  3. can't wait to hear the post-christmas report to find out what you got from your list! :-) :-)

    1. Thank you E, there is always the January sales and bashing my bank balance!