Saturday, 21 December 2013

Review: Cheese and Wine

Aldi recently sent me these goodies to try together. A garlic and herb cheddar with a light crisp chardonnay and a crumbly Wensleydale with cranberries with a rich port.  These pairing were put together by Master of Wine, Sarah Jane Evans. 

Flavoured cheeses hold a special place in my heart but I can't stand insipid tasting "flavoured cheeses" that taste like air. You won't find that here with this cheddar. Smooth and creamy, with a strong, solid flavour of garlic and herb. 

Chardonnay has had a bad rep in the past. I even worked somewhere that full on forbade me for buying chardonnay for events as it "simply wouldn't be drunk".  However, this was a great pairing. Clean and crisp. Lovely job.

Wensleydale can be left behind Stilton on the Christmas cheese board. You might not want to leave this one behind though. Rich and crumbly, everything a good Wensleydale should be but studded with cranberries which pair up perfectly with the Port. 

You can find The Exquisite Collection Limoux Chardonnay, Garlic & Herb Cheddar, Fletchers Ruby Port and Wensleydale with Cranberries in Aldi now. 

Thank you to Aldi for sending me these items for review purposes.  The views represented in this review are my own.


  1. I was assuming that this would end up being a positive review. How could wine and cheese NOT be excellent? It's got "win" right in it! I love Wensleydale with cranberries SO MUCH. The only proper fight I've ever had with my little brother was about him stealing my Wensleydale (NOT cool, T). I also love port, but don't think I've ever had them together. This must be corrected immediately. xx

  2. Cheese and wine is perfect for Christmas, your pictures look stunning x