Friday, 24 May 2013

We Should Cocoa: Mango Rice Crispy Cakes

This month's We Should Cocoa mango challenge is hosted by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen. Last month's honey round up can be found here. Don't forget to check out Choclette and Chele's blogs.
I bought the most photogenic mango in the world. It was perfect. Green skin, flushed with pink, red and amber hues.

It was the ridiculously photogenic guy of the mango world.

It was also perfectly ripe, sweet, juicy, and had that floral perfume reserved purely for mangoes.

I dreamed of chocolate whoopie pies with sweet, tangy mango curd. I made curd. It was awful. Truly terrible. Genuine bleurgh. Shudder.

It was kind of a kick. A trusted website, the perfect mango, icky curd.

So, like the adult I am, I sulked. Pulled marshmallows, rice crisps, dried mango and chocolate out the cupboard and made the ultimate no bake comfort food.

Basic recipe adapted from here

40gr unsalted butter
325gr white marshmallows
Small pinch of salt
180gr rice crispies
75gr dried mango, chopped into small pieces or strips
30gr dark chocolate

1, In a large saucepan, melt the butter over a low heat and add in the marshmallows.
2, Continue to stir over the low heat until marshmallows have fully melted.
3, Remove from the heat and stir in the rest of the ingredients except for the dark chocolate.
4, When everything is fully combined press firmly into a 30cm by 19cm tin that has been lined with cling film and greased with a flavourless oil.
5, Leave to cool and set.
6, Melt the chocolate and drizzle over the top. Chill until the chocolate has set and cut into squares.


  1. With the mango, they've got to be good for you, right?! they look perfect, mmmm!

    1. Definitely! Fruit in anything makes it healthy. Thank you for your comment!

  2. So annoying when great ingredients go to waste but it looks like you rescued things perfectly with these gorgeous crispy cakes. I used to have a massive thing for those Rice Krispy squares in the blue packet so I know I would adore these.

    1. It was so disappointing, but crispy cakes make everything better right?!? Thank you for your comment :)

  3. Oh no Hannah, how very frustrating, now wonder you sulked. What was wrong with the curd? I tend to think of fruit curds as being particularly good with tart fruit and mangoes are very sweet. Was that the problem do you think? Anyway your crsipy cakes sound fabulous and a very welcome entry into We Should Cocoa - thank you.

    1. It just didnt taste like mango at all. It was really bland and frustrating as I'm not sure what went wrong. It took the same amount of time to cook as normal lemon curd and thickened up nicely. I'm going to try some different recipes and maybe try tinned mango puree from the Indian cash and carry near our house. Thank you for your lovely comment, Choclette.

  4. gah, i hate it when that happens! it has happened to all of us. blame the recipe, it's what i do :-)

    1. Thank you e, little frustrated but I think it's good to have a couple of kitchen fails occasionally. Stops me getting too big headed :D x

  5. Ah, I'm glad our mango-madness led me to these. They sound great - I bet the mango cuts through the sweetness. I saw some sour-sugar dusted mango in our local chinese supermarket the other day, quite fancy working that into something. I wasn't massively taken with my mango curd - a bit runny and npt massively mango-y but I reckon it's worth persevering with. I've never made curd before so it's probably me.
    By the way -- have you ever tried making crispie squares with marshmallow, butter and toffee to bind? It's our family way of doing it and makes them a bit more gooey.