Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cajun Spiced Popcorn

But sugared almonds are tradition"
"Little chocolates are all the rage now!"
"We went to a wedding where they all had little cupcakes as favours"
"You can get pick'n'mix stands now"
"Have you thought about having...."

I faded out at this point. Eyes glazed over. Dreamy harp music played softly in my ears. I went to my happy place. In the course of planning "The happiest day of our lives", I faded out. A lot.

I'll be the first to admit that almonds/chocolates/cupcakes/pick'n'mix/etc would have been easier than sitting on my kitchen floor at 1am Friday morning, popping, flavouring, and bagging up 70 bags of popcorn for our wedding the next day. Especially after deep clean scrubbing the kitchen for a good two hours before I'd even popped a single kernel.

Sorry. Popping , flavouring, bagging, presentation bagging, and tagging up 70 bags of popcorn which happen to be made up of five different flavours.

Sugar & Spice - icing sugar and cinnamon
Cocoa Mama - Cocoa powder, icing sugar, chocolate chips
Don't Harsh my Mallow - icing sugar and mini marshmallows
Fire in the Disco- Cajun Spicy (Hot!)
Ciao Bella - Italian herb blend

Did the effort pay off?

Heck yes - is the short answer.

Today is our first wedding anniversary and I've made a big bowl of popcorn.

The Cajun spicy popcorn was the favourite. Simply toss Cajun seasoning over freshly popped and still warm plain popcorn and enjoy. Especially the super fiery bits at the bottom. I make my seasoning in bulk from this recipe.


  1. Happy anniversary! here's to many more years of popping (no double meaning intended) :-)

  2. They all sound gorgeous! Happy Anniversary x

    Lucy Loves To Cook