Monday, 14 February 2011

Red Velvet Valentines: LOVE Cake

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How unbelievably cute are these moulds? You can buy them here and also a huge thank you to Sarah-Jane for hosting the giveaway on her lovely blog

The cake is again red velvet but this time it’s the recipe from the Magnolia Bakery.  It is delicious!

I’m going to be away from the blog for a bit.  My sister is getting married on Wednesday and it’s a two flights there, two flights back job! Plus another four flights between Friday and Sunday but if I start typing about impending adventures now, I just won’t stop! Hope everyone has a lovely week =)


  1. AMAZING cake! Enjoy the wedding! MCB x

  2. Hi! I'm your newest Follower via MissCakeBaker! Love that cake, how cute is that mold! Happy belated Valentine's Day, stop by and say hello when you have a moment! Sounds like you'll be busy for a while! Enjoy the wedding!


  3. Thank you for following my blog!

    This looks absolutely amazing! Well done! Enjoy your sister's wedding! If you're travelling that far, you must be going somewhere totally fabulous so consider me jealous!!

  4. This looks yummy....Enjoy your sister's marriage...

  5. Aw this looks awesome! A gorgeous Valentines cake :)

  6. Thanks you for all the lovely comments! The wedding was beautiful and the cake was delicious!

  7. Hiya. Glad to see you are putting your new SAY IT WITH CAKE alphabet silicone moulds to good use.

    Looks really good ! Hope you are enjoying them. Just made a LOVE cake myself for a friend who has just got engaged. Should be on my blog very soon :-)