Friday, 24 December 2010

Orange Spice Popcorn

My last minute sweet treats for my lovely colleagues!

Yesterday was the last day at the office and it was one mad rush to get everything that needed doing, done.  We then headed off for our Christmas meal

I whipped these bags up the night before.  I normally make gingerbread as my ‘Christmas cards’ and I had made gingerbread dough but just didn’t have the energy to do all the rolling and cutting and baking required! Popcorn takes literal about half the time and effort!

I used about 2 cups of popcorn per person.  It’s easier to work in American cups than grams for this.  If your popping this yourself, 20 cups of popcorn is about 1 and a ¼ cups of popping corn. 

I popped my own by getting the biggest saucepan I own, adding just enough sunflower oil to cover the bottom and putting it over a high heat.  When the oil is hot, be careful, add enough popping corn to coat the bottom of the pan.  Put the lid on and wait.  As soon as it starts popping, turn it down to medium.  I have a ceramic hob so it retains heat for a stupidly long time.  I turn my hob off but if you’re using gas or have electric rings, just turn it down.  Shake the pan firmly when holding both the lid and the pan handle.  This will stop it burning.  When the popping has stopped, take it off the heat and tip out the popcorn.  Repeat until you have desired amount!

Per bag (2 cups of popcorn)
1 tbsp light brown sugar, 1/4tsp mixed spice, pinch of grated orange zest.

Tie up the bags and shake them really well.  It’s a good thing to tell the people you’re distributing it to, to also shake the bag before eating! 


  1. Hello Hanna,
    Thanks for your visit and joining my blog.
    Homemade gifts are always the best!
    Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season.
    Greetings from Colorado.

  2. Thanks very much Kirsten! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!