Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry Christmas

So, which ones are mine?

I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas!  I had a lovely one! Me and Jim went to my parents for breakfast along with my two sisters, their respective partners and my little three year old nephew.  My brother and his lovely girlfriend are currently away travelling so I hope they had a brilliant day too!

Here are some of the lovely things from friends and family

 Beautiful bird necklace from my sister

 Lovely, lovely cookbook and make your own felt zombie books from two great friends

 Tagine from the twins! Thanks guys!

 A huge star cake tin from my sister! She brings the best things back from Germany!

Guess what I’ll be doing between now and when I go back to work… Release the inner geek…

And I picked these up in the sales today.  They are technically tree decorations and had little stickers on them that said ‘gift box’, I thought they were really sweet! But I’ll be filling them with fudge etc for birthday presents!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing break!

Come on... At least one of these has to be mine...!


  1. The Magnolia Bakery cookbook is one of my all time favourites. I was given two zombie cupcake books for Christmas, they're so cool, I'm on a bit of a zombie kick. x

  2. I'm pretty excited about the Magnolia Bakery one! Need to dig out my measuring cups though!
    I bought my sister 'A Zombie ate my Cupcake' by Lilli Vanilli, she loved it! The felties book is great although my house is full of felt zombies now though!

  3. I love the Zombie Felties book! I went on a zombie feltie kick in October. And I adore the bird necklace!!!! Do you know where it was purchased?

    PS. Thanks for following me :) Ooo...and how was Kings of Leon?