Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Winter Spiced Macarons with Mulled Wine Buttercream Filling

Ok, I know I’m late to the macaron party.  Not even fashionable late…  Sorry…

I made some last summer and something terrible happened .  I made them, waited for them to form a skin, baked them, danced around the kitchen in joy as they had worked amazingly well with perfect little feet and then had to nip out to get some bits in town.  When I came back, I nearly cried.  My perfect, in my eyes, macarons were covered in ants!  Pesky arthropods! (one of my favourite words!)

I’ve added some mixed spice and all spice to these ones to give them that autumny wintery taste and smell I appear to be addicted to at the moment!


This is the recipe I used with the simple addition of half a teaspoon of mixed spice and half a teaspoon of all spice. 


I made a simple mulled wine buttercream by reducing 250ml of mulled wine down to around 3tbsp of liquid, this takes around five minutes but keep an eye on it! Then whipped together 35gr of butter, 100gr icing sugar and 1 tbsp of the mulled wine syrup. 

Sorry about the terrible photos! Having real issues with not having time to catch proper daylight! Anyone have any tips? x x 


  1. hmm they sound so Xmassy!!! Would love to add some cinammon too but thats just because I love the stuff! Great flavours!

  2. cinnamon ones would be delicious! thanks for stopping by =D