Monday, 8 November 2010

Christmas Decorations: Salt Dough

It’s my mission this year to make as much as possible this Christmas.  So that’s gifts, food and decorations.  I’m determined not to buy a single bauble this year!  I normally make a door wreath (the one last year had little salt dough gingerbread men on them which had been varnished to withstand the elements) and that is about as far as I got with making the cottage Christmassy! 

We only bought the cottage in April 2009 so we were still settling in and then two weeks before Christmas our oven decided to die!  This year I wanted to go all out and make the cottage into a proper winter wonderland, without a plastic Santa or reindeer in sight!

They're naked at the moment! Eek!

Better make a start with the decorations! 
I’m using salt dough as the basis of a lot of my decorations.  Salt dough is extremely cheap to make and is pretty durable.  Paint with acrylic paint and varnish for nice hardwearing decorations.  Plus they can be personalised.  I made some letters for nametags for presents

I used a simple recipe of two parts flour to one part plain table salt and one part water.  This website gives great tips and ideas along with cooking times for your salt dough

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