Thursday, 31 July 2014

Goodbye Corner Cottage Bakery

Four years is a long time.

2010 was the year Corner Cottage Bakery was started.  There were a lot of exclamation points, terrible photos and a cake made of soup but we carried on. We bought Corner Cottage in 2009 and were still doing that "damn, buying a house is expensive" dance that first time buyers have.  Corner Cottage Bakery turned from being a place where I could store my recipes and photos to a creative outlet and a hobby that wasn't stupidly expensive to fill my time with.  Highlights for me have to be flower pot bread and French Martini truffles.

2011 was full of huge courgettes and my first foray into marshmallow making.  We celebrated a royal wedding with Eton Mess Jack-arons, and Corner Cottage Bakery's first birthday with a big rainbow cake.  Meringue mushrooms and orange curd were also some of my favourites from that year.

2012 was, and can only be described as, one of the best years of my life.  So much happened like French Martini macarons, Han Solo brownies and chai lattes. Going to see the dressage at the Olympics was brilliant.  

Oh. And I got married. And then spent ten days in the Maldives. Both of which were both understandably amazing.

2013 seemed to fly past.  One moment you're making ginger doughnuts and then the next you are making your sister an 8ft giant squid pillow.  Then you are hanging out on the back of the Harry Potter Knight Bus for your birthday and then you are trying not to throw up a lump of fermented shark that you just ate. See. Crazy busy. Green tomato galettes, ice cream tacos and DIY walnut whips interspersed all of this of course. 

2014 has also seemed to carry on with the same appetite of guzzling months from the calendar as 2013.  We celebrated the return of Game of Thrones with hand painted macarons and relived my strange childhood with ice cream oysters. I talked about what blogging means to me when I hit the milestone of four years blogging at Corner Cottage Bakery and I wrestled with some DIY sausages.

The past four and a bit years have been pretty sweet.  I hope you'll come and see me at my new home!

Honey & Dough will be live from 1 August 2014.  


  1. What a great round up of a marvellous four years and all the very, very best with Honey & Dough!

  2. All the best with your new site :-) x

  3. RIP Corner Cottage Bakery. I hope you've ceremonially sprinkled your laptop with hundreds and thousands. Not sure why I hope that, given that confetti is more for weddings than funerals, but I guess this is a bittersweet celebration, right? Anyway - I'm very excited to see what Honey & Dough will bring xxx

  4. Four years is a long time in the blogging business. Who can forget the tomato soup cake? I have fond memories of your fine preserved lemon motion picture but if I had to pick a personal favourite then I'm strangely drawn to the slow cooker brownies. There's something about a totally laid-back brownie. All the best for the new site.

  5. i'm over to honey and dough now! i'm gald you;re not going completely.

  6. I lovethe way you conclude all things for years. I will also make a list things I did in the past year.

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