Sunday, 16 March 2014

Seven on Sunday: 16.03.14

Bathing kittens, blue skies, bossy bags, monster hooks, snoozin', explorin', exposed floorboards


  1. i love that you have foudn beauty in the ordinary - the floorboards are so amazing. i want to run my hands over the splinters.

    1. I love these floorboards, we stripped the carpet off our stairs and found these beauties underneath. (Dark blue carpet and two black and white cats just doesn't mix!)

  2. I am WELL jell of your floorboards. We found good ones under the carpets upstairs but downstairs is nasty concrete. I keep peeling back a corner of the living room carpet just to check a fairy hasn't granted my wish for awesome floorboards. So far, nada. Stupid fairies. xxx