Wednesday, 22 January 2014

We Should Cocoa: Scottish Tablet Cookies

This month's We Should Cocoa is hosted by Linzi at Lancashire Food who wants us to use an ingredient new to us.  Last month's boozy round up of chocolate based treats can be found here. You can read all about We Should Cocoa, how to enter and the previous challenges here on Choclette's blog. 

I am the anti-resolutionist.  I don't go on a green juice detox on the first of January. 

I have a hangover on the 1st January. 

(Normally, alcohol related but one year I had a cheesecake hangover.  It exists. It is horrifying, terrifying and majestically brilliant all at the same time).

I still have leftover Christmas food which I intend to get through.  I support local businesses (re: the local chinese).  I don't go to the gym. 

And it's because January is a truly crap month. It's cold, it's always dark, you feel a bit shitty after binging on Christmas films and malteasers and the last thing you want to do is be hungry and miserable.

So, whilst I am still on my anti-resolutionist bender of sugar and carbs, I give you cookies. Really sugary cookies. Made with the new to me ingredient of Scottish tablet. No shame.

Makes around 18

110gr unsalted butter
100gr caster sugar
60gr light soft brown sugar
Pinch of salt
1 egg
150gr plain flour, sifted with
1/2 tsp baking powder
50gr Scottish tablet, chopped
50gr dark chocolate, chopped

1, Preheat your oven to 190o/c and line three baking sheets with baking paper.
2, Melt the butter in a small saucepan gently.  When fully melted, remove from the heat, pour into a medium sized mixing bowl and stir in the sugars with the salt.  
3, Beat in the egg.
4,  Add in the flour and stir until smooth and fully combined.  
5, Stir through the chopped chocolate and tablet.  The tablet will disintegrate into mush if you stir it too much. Be wary of the crumbly texture. 
6, Scoop lumps onto your prepared baking sheets.  I used a table spoon measuring spoon.  You don't need to flatten them out as they will do this themselves when cooking. 
7, Bake for between 7 and 10 minutes until just going golden brown.  Leave to cool on the baking sheets for five minutes before cooling completely on a wire rack. 
8, Scoff and laugh in the face of January.


  1. Can you please start a postal tasting service for your baked goods? I wish to scoff them and laugh in the face of January, but I'm pinned down on the sofa with the weight of excessive blankets and therefore cannot get to the kitchen. xxx

    1. OOh, I'd totally get postal cookies every day if they were available.

  2. These look fantastic. Completely agree that this is just what you need in January (and February really)...

    1. Thank you Katharine, this feeling will definitely roll over into February!

  3. please what-what-what is scottish tablet?! it looks a bit like fudge .. it looks a bit like heaven in a bikkie :-)

    1. Scottish Tablet is like a super crumbly fudge; butter, sugar, cream (the holy trinity). It melts in your mouth and is so delicious. When it's baked into these cookies it melts into hot sugar puddles that turn amazingly crunchy!

  4. I like your thinking Hannah Does this anti-resolutionism leak into February too? Bet those biscuits were good. Haven't had Scottish Tablet in years - sugar high delicious.

    1. It definitely will last until, at least, the end of February! Probably the beginning of March actually! Thank you for your comment, Choclette :)

  5. These would cheer me up no end. I once had a friend (unlikely, I know) who used to bring me regular supplies of Scottish Tablet from her regular north of the border visits and I really miss it now - oh, and her too, of course. I'm not sure that February isn't worse than January or is that just my meringue hangover speaking?

  6. I'd love a Scottish Tablet dealer! Also, I'd like to try a meringue hangover... Thank you for your comment, Phil!