Monday, 28 January 2013

Ginger Doughnuts

When you've had a rubbish couple of weeks, when your fringe is too long to do anything with, when the car won't start (because she is a diva in cold weather), when you just can't do any more studying, when you havent managed to go for a run for a good week and one of your cats has taken to waiting until 2am to sing the "song of her people" at the bottom of the stairs...

... Just throw in the towel for a while, and come and deep fry some things with me.

I'll always be here for you with a deep frying pan of hot oil at the ready.

It's ok to feel a bit blue. You can eat doughnuts and hang out with your cat. More whiskers the better.

Makes around 12 with doughnut holes



1tbsp fast action yeast (around 1 x 7gr sachet)
25gr soft brown sugar
1tsp ginger powder
25gr butter
250ml milk
1 egg
300gr plain flour (plus extra for dusting)


75gr icing sugar
1inch lump of stem ginger in syrup, grated finely
2tsp of stem ginger syrup from the jar


1, In a large bowl, add the yeast, sugar and ginger powder.
2, In a small saucepan, gently melt the butter and add in the milk. Bring this to a lukewarm temperature.
3, Stir the melted butter and milk into the yeast, sugar and ginger.
4, Beat in the egg.
5, Sift in the flour. Stir this until the batter is thick and has a soft elasticity to it.
6, Cover with clingfilm and pop in a warm place for between an hour and two or until doubled in size.
7, Scoop out your dough onto a floured surface and fold it over a couple of times using a dough scraper (or your hands - prepare to get sticky) and dust with a little more flour to stop it sticking. The dough is quite soft but it should hold. If your dough is unmanagably soft, chuck a bit more flour on it and gently knead in.
8, Roll out the dough, or pat it out with your hands until it is about 2.5cm thick. Cut out your doughnuts in whatever size or shape you want. Use a smaller cutter to stamp out the centre.
9, You can reroll the dough to make more doughnuts - space them out on a lined baking sheet, cover with clingfilm and then put them back in the warm place for 30mins to an hour until they have risen up again.

10, In a deep frying pan, heat about 4-5cm of hot oil to 180o/c. Do a test doughnut (or doughnut hole). It should bubble, float and go golden within 30-45 seconds. Carefully flip it over to brown on the other side, remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.
11, Cook all the doughnuts and leave to cool slightly before dipping them in the glaze.

12, To make the glaze, add the icing sugar, syrup and grated stem ginger into a small bowl. Add a tablespoon of water and mix. Keep adding water until you reach your desired consistecy - I like my glaze quite thin but it's purely on your preference.


  1. These sounds fantastic - but I am still choking with laughter at your comment about the "song of her people" ... gloriously funny!

    1. Thank you :) the feline in question cant miaow properly but kind of inconsistently mumbles out her version of a miaow, it sounds like very, very poor singing.

  2. Oh wow, doughnuts. How I love them and you have made them sound even better than usual. I can smell them now. Photos are beautiful :))

    1. Thank you Laura :) They were delicious, there is something so gratifying in the smell of yeasty doughnuts cooking in hot oil.

  3. Ah they look yum, especially on a miserable day like today! I agree with you, it is fine to feel a bit blue from time to time, embrace the misery and eat.

    1. Thank you Lauren, they are perfect for a grey day. It's fine to embrace the blue, I think you can come out of the other side a lot better sometimes.

  4. you are very brave - workign with both yeast AND hot oil! you have my utter repsect.

    1. Thank you, I used to be scared of hot oil but when you can get a reward like these doughnuts, I'm sure I'd walk over hot coals :)

  5. LOVELY photos Hannah and as a ginger addict, I would love a plate of those.....and your gorgeous cat too!

    1. Thank you Karen, I've been on a bit of a ginger binge recently and these were definitely a high light! She is a beautiful cat, however a complete hot mess of fur, teeth and claws a lot of the time!

  6. These look delicious!! I've always wanted to give doughnuts a go but the hot oil scares me off! I think I will have to give these one a go though!!

    1. Thank you Becca, hot oil freaks me out too - I cooked these in a deep frying pan with just over an inch of oil in it so it's a lot safer :)

  7. Beautiful photos, amazing blog! xo