Saturday, 22 December 2012

Washi Tape Letters

I know someone who firmly believes that wrapping presents is one of the best part of Christmas. I, however, am rubbish at wrapping presents. I cheat big time on most gifts. In a bag, a jar or a box are my defaults.

This year, I bought some beautiful crisp white paper bags for my hand knitted and crotcheted gifts but decided that they needed a little something extra. A quick root around in my craft box unearthed some washi tape...

1, You will need a pair of scissors, a black marker, some washi tape.
2, Some cellophane.
3, Draw an outline of your letter.
4, Stick small strips of tape down, making sure they overlap.

5, Cover the letter completely.
6, Cut it out.
7, Peel off the cellophane.

Stick down and you're done.