Saturday 11 August 2012

Peach Bellini Lollies

Or, as I like to call them:-

"Tasty Champagne Chillers"


"Instant Peach Bellinis"

They're pretty good on their own too.


3 ripe and juicy peaches
1tbsp lemon juice
1tsbp vodka
1tsbp caster sugar


1, Remove the stones from the peaches and blend them along with the rest of the ingredients in a blender until you have a thick, aerated fruit purée.
2, Pour into ice lolly moulds and add sticks.
3, Freeze until solid.
4, De-mould by rising under warm water and pop into a glass of champagne.

I'm entering these into Kavey's Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream challenge - an ice lolly spectacular!


  1. Oh what a fabulous idea and absolutely spot on for the weather we're having. I've been eating my weight in flat peaches lately, as the local shop sells ones that are just so sweet and juicy. Lovely idea and thanks for entering!

    1. Thank you Kavey - It's perfect bellini weather! Flat peaches are delicious :)

  2. Great idea! Look gorgeous and lovely pictures. I've a peach linky on my blog you could add there too if you want - we do a roundup at end of month

    1. Thank you Working London Mummy - I've amended and linked up to your challenge, looking forward to seeing the peachy love!

  3. Great idea - looks so inviting. I wonder if anyone would notice if I used something a little cheaper than champagne?

    1. Thank you Phil - Great for that sunshine we've had recently. They've all been dunked and eaten now but one even found it's way into a glass of something that starts with "L" and ends in "ambrini". (It tasted alright too...)