Friday, 19 August 2011

We Should Cocoa: Chocolate and Rose Baumtorte

This my entry for We Should Cocoa hosted by Choclette at Chocolate Log Blog.  Last month’s entries can be seen here for the Apricot challenge.  This month’s challenge is Rose and you can see the rules here.

I couldn’t possibly name a specific cake as my favourite.  But I can definitely name Baumtorte as one of the most calming and therapeutic cakes to make.  It’s also one of the most delicious discoveries I have ever found!  I decided to make one it with a little twist.  And that little twist has made it suitable for We Should Cocoa!

Amazing original recipe from here

225gr unsalted butter
225gr golden caster sugar
6 eggs
225gr plain flour
2tbsp cocoa powder
1tbsp rose water

1, Preheat your grill to medium heat.  Grease a deep 7 inch sandwich tin well and set to one side.
2, Beat together the butter and the sugar until pale and fluffy.
3, Slowly beat in the eggs and then blend in the flour until smooth.
4, Divide the batter into two bowls and beat the cocoa powder into one bowl and the rose water into the other.  You could add a little pink food colouring into the rose flavoured one but I went au natural.
5, Spread a thin layer of either of the cake batters onto the bottom of the tin and place under the grill under golden brown. 
6, Spread a thin layer of the other cake batter onto the top of the ready cooked cake and return to the grill until golden brown.
7, Repeat this process until all the batter has been used or until the cake pan is full.
8, Turn out onto a wire cooling rack and cut into slices when fully cooled.  


  1. Nice choice of recipe. It looks fascinating and must taste really good too.

  2. Goodness, I've not come across anything like this before, it sounds fascinating. It looks absolutely brilliant as well with the neat stacking and thin layers. Thanks for participating.

  3. Wow I've never heard of grilling a cake! Sounds great and looks perfect with the separate layers !

  4. I tried this once, but mine didn't turn out as nicely as yours. Looks fab.

  5. This looks like such an inpressive cake! Love the rosewater addition! x

  6. Thanks guys! It's not normally made with two different flavor batters and normally has lemon rather than rose but it was gorgeous, light and quite moist!

  7. This looks amazing! I've wanted to make baumtorte ever since reading Mr Rosenblum's List! Love the idea of layering different flavours/colours, will have to give it a go...

  8. That is STUNNING! What a great recipe and with rose too, a wonderful cake.
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  9. wow this look amazing! I've never heard of a baumtorte before. Would love to give this a go someday.

  10. Hi Hannah, I made a version of this cake which I blogged about here It turned out brilliantly so thanks for sharing the recipe.