Friday, 14 January 2011

We Should Cocoa: White Chocolate and Chilli Brownies

This month is being hosted by Chele at Chocolate Tea Pot who came up with the great idea of using something we had leftover from Christmas with chocolate!  You can see the round up of the dates challenge here

I scoured my cupboards.  It didn’t look good.  I had a copious amount of gin.  This is a good thing in my book but isn’t going to help with chocolate.  Then I found some white chocolate in the dining room.  I prefer really dark rich chocolate but I decided to class this my ‘leftover find’ and clutched it whilst running into the kitchen, grabbing my laptop on the way.

I stumbled on this recipe for White Chocolate and Chilli Brownies (Blondies…) and decided to give it a bash.  It was pretty faffy to make, simmering the chilli in syrup, melting the chocolate, whisking the eggs… And to be honest, it wasn’t worth it.  The chunks of chilli, no matter how small, just tasted dirty and out of place.  Get a piece with no chilli in it and it just tasted like a nice fudgy blondie. 

I would make these again but just with a handful of flaked toasted almonds in place of the chilli just to smooth out the strong sweetness of white chocolate.  

Despite the blondie fail, I’m excited about these.  Very excited.  


  1. I love dark chocolate with chilli, I wonder if the contrast between extra sweet white chocolate and chilli was just too much.

    Love the boots!

  2. It was definatly too much! I'm keeping the main blondie part of the recipe but keeping the chilli very far away from it at all times!

  3. Shame it didn't work with the chilli, because the flecks of red look really good and I do like a bit of chilli with my chocolate. Still fudgy blondies sound very appealing.

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