Friday, 23 July 2010

White Currants

Just for the record, I don’t spend all my spare time pilfering fruit and veg from my parents house! I was returning some power tools as we have recently just laid some new flooring in our lounge and I managed to come back with a huge carrier bag full of garden produce!

The white currants especially took my eye. They are striking translucent little orbs with opaque white veins and turn a beautiful pinky-coral when cooking. There aren’t many recipes for white currants, plenty for their red counterparts and they could be used in the same way. Jelly seemed the best option for mine! This is no Bar-de-Luc jelly and I am no épépineuse (however maybe if I can lift some redcurrants from the parents then I might give their methods a try, maybe not with a goose quill though…) but this jelly is great for any type of currant!


500gr of white currants

400gr of caster sugar


1, De-sprig the white currants by firmly holding the stalk and running a fork down the sprig

2, Place the currants into a saucepan and heat to medium, squash the berries. Cook the berries for 6-10minutes or until they are soft. They will release a lot of juice.

3, Pour in the sugar and boil rapidly for 10 minutes

4, Take off the heat and let it cool slightly before sieving out the skins and seeds.

5, Pour into sterilised jars (this recipe fills about 2 x 190gr jars) and leave to cool before storing in the fridge.

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