Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cream Tea!

I tempted "weather fate" with the Ice Cream Cones. We had some amazing rain afterwards! I’m not going to apologise, my garden is unbelievably green! And all but my onions, who suffered a devastating enemy neighbour cat attack, have bloomed or taken to the soil really well after relocation from their comfy pots!

So I intend to tempt fate again, today we had scones!


220gr plain flour

60gr butter

25gr sugar

150ml milk


1, Preheat oven to 220o/c (Gas Mark 7)

2, Rub the butter into the flour using your fingertips

3, Stir in the milk and fold it in until it forms a soft dough

4, Place on floured worktop and flatten with your hands until it is about 2cm thick

5, Stamp out your scones with a cutter, traditionally it you should use a 2inch round cutter but I used a heart shaped one

6, Gently, knead the scraps of dough back together and cut out more shapes

7, Place on lined baking tray, brush with a little milk and bake for 10-12 minutes until they have turned golden brown. Turn out onto a wire rack and cool.

8, Serve with clotted cream, jam, strawberries and a giant pot of tea!

N.B - This recipe is also great for cheese scones, just replace the sugar with 25gr of very strong grated mature cheddar and add a pinch of salt.

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